Sorry that its so much pregnancy on the blog but honestly, im not doing anything else right now. Cant wait for autumn to come and life to kick in a bit more. Or i dont know, im waiting for something.

Im surprised that i havent been sick more. My immune system is pretty iffy and everyone says it goes to shit when you are pregnant. Having my nose cold sore at the moment but feeling fine otherwise. Im having a pretty easy time of it.

In other news, i think i felt the first flutters the other day. Or it might just have been wind… But it felt like a little butterfly on the side of my belly. Im deciding its Jellybean saying hi.

Channeling Rudolph.  I hate these cold sores, they are an absolute killer and always make me feel like a freak. Thanks dad.

Baby belly growing away. Ive been worrying a bit that its not growing enough and that something has happened to the baby but looking at this i look pretty normal for almost 5 months.

Bought some maternity/nursing jumpers on the sale at Seraphine. That shop is way to expensive for me really since you only use your maternity clothes for such a short time. But on the sale i found some great things. Notice the buttons, yes, that will be epic for winter time nursing.

Sweden tomorrow. Laters.

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