Late summer days

Back from a lovely late summer weekend in Sweden. I did all the things i dreamed of. Hung out with family, ate crayfish and picked mushrooms in the forest. Dreamy. George was not as convinced but i have years to make a swede out of him.

The first night mum and dad had got swedish crayfishes for me. This is my face of anticipation.

This is some serious work guys.

On the Friday we headed in to ‘town’.

Mum was sporting a bit more of a tan than me.

Ma boys having lunch together.

And ice cream dessert. Of course. I have gained one happy kg in Sweden. So worth. A jellybean brewed on candy and ice cream.

Looking at gifts for the little one. I bought a fart book. Because why not? Fun for both big and small (and especially my dad)

After a day in town with the parents we headed out to the country house by ourselves.

I found chanterelles and decided to make a creamy mushroom pasta for dinner. Baby wanted to join in on the fun.

And then ended the night with some more crayfishes. Because why not!?

On Saturday morning George went up and made me breakfast in bed. My parents dont believe in that stuff but George is an angel in a very hairy disguise and made me feel like a princess.

Totally princess material.

Beautiful late summer scenery.

We headed out into the forest to see if we could find some more mushrooms.

George not exactly feeling at home.

Hello. I got us lost (of course) but we eventually found our way back.

But since im a pro i found chanterelles and made us a little lunch sandwich.

Then we headed into town to shop for the big cousin party in the evening. But that deserves its own post.

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