Family <3

I know ive been on a 3 month rant about the heat but seriously. It was 32 degrees out yesterday. In almost September. The bigger i get the harder it is. Me and W just sat, nakey, on the sofa yesterday panting.

But tonight its the bookclub for the first time in months. Woohooo. Missed the two last ones because one was during my treatment and the other when i was so fucking tired. But today im strong and ready to go. Just surviving the tube first…

But first, some more pictures from the country house.

I managed to last minute get the cousins together. We normally only all see each other at Christmas but since im missing out this year i decided to go against all tradition and do a dinner without the oldies. Shocker.

Lucky for us the weather was awesome. Good thing when you are fitting 9 people.

Sisters! What you cant see here is that Jossan is bursting with her third. She was due the day after.

Love these ones. There is something about having this big a family that you grew up with.

Me telling a story as always.

Look at this place! It will be my happy place always.

Jakob and Sandra making us lunch.

While George and me had chanterelle sandwiches. First time George had it this trip. The things hes missed out on…

Yes, a crazy face of food love.

Always more salt.

And then ended the trip in style with 1kg pick and mix of the best of Sweden. That will last Jellybean and me a week if we are lucky.

Wont see my family until the baby is out so living on this for the coming months. Very sad to miss Christmas in Sweden but its for a good thing, at least ill have George and Katta to celebrate with me here in London.

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