5 months and counting

5 months today! Almost half way. Its crazy. But, i still have 4 months to work and im extremely ready to be done now. Mostly fed up with the shit. Belly is growing away and im dreaming of wearing normal clothes. Not sure if im bigger than most people but i have a definite belly now. And my boobs are getting even bigger. Feeling very front heavy.

Yesterday met with bookclub at Scarlett Green in Soho. An aussie restaurant. They had vegemite donute (nope, did not have one of those). We had read Edith Egerts ‘The Choice’. Its about a womans experience of the camps during WW2 but also her journey after to let go of the horror. It was very good and we gave it a strong 4.

Me caressing the belly. Still not sure if the occasional flutters i geel is the baby or just my mega gassy stomach. But hoping for Jellybean.

Linnea is due in 3 weeks. Looking fresh though.

5 month belly. Its defintely growing. Its got the roundness all the way up to the top now. I mean, jellybean is big as an apple pie. Thats pretty big. I can feel the head or the back poking in different parts of my belly.

Struggling to find a pair of decent preggers jeans. They all just slide down. But i dont want to wear dresses every day for the next 5 months… Maybe leggings it is.

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