Preggers eggers

Sorry guys but this is a 100% preggers post so if you are not into that shit Stop. Right. Here!

Ok, for the ones still with me. So, im 5 months now. Almost halfway. And im feeling great. Struggling with fitting my clothes. Its mainly my boobs that makes everything look so front heavy. I dont have a cute belly, im just massive up front.

But, i love my belly. Tight clothes all the way. I did go to Seraphine and splurged on some actually nice looking leggings. Given how much i hate the jeans i have i think leggings will be the thing so worth the money.

In a week is the 20 month scan. A little bit nervous but mostly excited about knowing the sex of the baby. I want to get to know this little one in my belly. People have started asking now but i dont mind, its pretty clear that i am preggers when i wear my tight clothes.

We still have a lot to organise and try to fit into our flat but we are on it. I feel little flutters most night and sleep ok. Starting to feel a bit heavy and the back is achy after a whole day in front of the computer but i still walk 10.000 steps a day and feel surprisingly fresh.

Heres the 1,3,4 and 5 month baby bump. Its definitely growing, espcially the total roundness of the belly. But except for the boobs i havent put on that much extra weight. I have gained about 5kg now which is pretty much on track for whats expected.

And clothed to make it a bit more PC. The last pic is an actually maternity t-shirt, they get so short otherwise with the belly hanging out 🙂

So in total i have bought:

– 2 pairs of exercise at home leggings, 2 pairs of maternity tights for skirts
– 1 pair of preggers jeans (not a massive fan)
– 1 black maternity skirt (that works normally as well)
– 1 maternity t-shirt and 2 nursing tops
– 3 warm jumpers for maternity and nursing (mainly for nursing since they open at top)
– 1 winter jacket that goes for both baby bump and after

and now im waiting for 2 more pairs of more dressy leggings and a work dress. And thats it folks. That will see me through maternity and nursing. Plus Filippa gave me some nursing bras so all good in the hood.

I thought i could go without buying anything but my boobs stopped fitting my bras in month 3 and ive been wearing leggings since around the same time. And now my belly pokes out in normal t-shirts. So here we are, im sure some people can fit into their normal clothes for most of it but after the treatment i was already so bloated going into the pregnancy my whole body expanded quite early.

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