Everything is starting to feel very real. I can feel the little munchkin move around and I’m getting bigger and bigger. After the scan on Friday I will order our pram and cot etc for delivery just before Christmas so that we can get the room ready.

It’s crazy, it’s kicking just as I’m writing this. Super cool feeling. My baby! I’m not particularly sentimental but even I get a little teary eyed from this.

Had a lovely weekend. Stayed home on Friday and on Saturday went to East for bday drinks.

W was not entirely convinced but was a little champ coming with us for dinner in Soho with Bella and Alex and a drink at Mimis. Party doggo.

On Sunday took a long walk with Katta. The ice cream man gave W his very own ice cream for free. Sweet but dangerous given the farts that follow. So he got a little bit. Sorry W but no full ice cream for you.

Then Amelia, Mikey, Oscar and baby Fifi came over. Such a little angel. I was the baby whisperer and put her to sleep which would have been great if they didn’t need her to stay up. Soz.

Today I’m in bed. Couldn’t sleep last night since my stomach was so bad and feeling not too hot in general so staying home.

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