Half baked

Me and Jellybean are halfway today. 20 more weeks to go. Jellybean celebrated that by having a little rave in my stomach last night. Tap, tap, tap on my belly.

This week things are back to normal. I wear jeans and a t-shirt and dont want to die from the heat. Dream. The french are all back from work. Nightmare. Tomorrow its Georges 4 year in London anniversary and we are going for dinner at Stillwater. I want to inhale some of that gumbo. My biggest sorrow at the moment is that i cant eat big portions any longer. Doggy bags is a ladies best friend.

We got our first Hello fresh recipe box yesterday. 3 full dinners with all ingredients with gluten free options for £30. Feels reasonable. Plus, with my reduced portion sizes it actually lasted for two meals for me.

I cooked away and made this sausage meat ragu. Delicious. George was out so dinner for one but the sauce will wait for him until his hungover ass wants food today.

Halfway belly. This is one of my maternity/nursing tops from Seraphine. Loving that it covers the belly but still make me feel like a normal person.

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