Actually leaving the house

Friday. We are Woolly free this weekend so the world is our oyster. Tomorrow hopefully going to the Stanley Kubrick exhibition and on Sunday seeing Jean, Natalia and baby Sophie.

Im trying to be better at seeing people. Its my own problem that i feel lonely, there are people for me to hang out with, im just lazy and tired. And next week im seeing Lollo and then Prague for the weekend.

I dont know, its a combo of being very tired and not having that many people around to meet up with. So i feel lonely. But then i struggle with guilt for asking G to be home with me. I mean, everyone who knows him knows he is happiest with all his friends around.

Yesterday i felt like a snake that swallowed a piglet. Feeling very filled up with baby.

Belly still low down for W to chill on. He loves putting his head on there. Until he got a little kick in his head and then he moved. Sorry.

Me and my massive preggers pillow. Hard work that one but awesome for my back. Going to take a bit of time to get used to and George keeps saying he and W have been replaced. They havent, they just cant fix my back right now.

Thought i went for pretty sky blue, it turned out to be horrible hospital gown colour.

But, the boys seems to be enjoying the pillow after all.

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