Lets just walk, its not too far

Walked for almost 4 hours yesterday. That was maybe a tad much almost in month 6. I could feel it in my hips and knees at the end of the day. Lovely walk though but i think i need to start listening to my body a bit. Im no spring chicken and 4h is pushing it even on the best of days.

Ha, and then i had a total break down during the, not particularly good, netflix movie called Tall girl. It just hit home in some weird way. So preggers hormones went rampant and i cried on the bathroom floor for like 30 min. I mean, im not particularly sensitive about my heigth these days but clearly there was some unresolved shit in there from my younger days. I guess being a freak growing up is never easy.

On Friday i was in my PJs but then decided that ‘seriously, im not dead yet’ and changed outfit and went into town to meet up with a crew at first Murder Inc and then Mimis. I need people. If i feel boring at home i need to change that. Easy.

We were W free all weekend so on Saturday we headed to the Modern Museum to see the Kubrick exhibition. It was sold out so we took funky pictures in mirrors instead.

Hey there favourite people.

Then Havelock for lunch. George is going 100% carbs now that he can eat it for 2 weeks for this tests.

Fun people to hang out with…

So i took colour pop selfies instead.

After lunch we went home and i had a snooze when Katta and George watched a movie. Im such a weakling these days but i get so damn tired.

Then dinner and another movie. Perfect Saturday times.

Sunday morning feeling lil Jellybean kick in the belly together. Hey there mini baby.

Then we met up with Jean, Natalia and baby Sophie for a walk from Kings cross to little Venice.

We found a mini disco on the way. Popped in because why not.

Amazing day.

Pit stop at Camden market for lunch and sunny pictures.

Then more walking.

Bringing music we had a little rave when walking. Sophie is the dancing queen.

Hey awesome people. Wish all days were like this.

There is some serious pattern clash going on here.

Ha, after a day together they are somewhat better friends but still a long way to go.

Sad girl at the end of the day. Sorry Sophie but we were all walked out at this point.

What a perfect weekend. More of these. Next one we are in Prague so im expecting a lot of drunken pics of everyone else and sober me. Winning!

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