Week 22

Life. Highs and lows. My emotions are definitely a bit more volatile at the moment. Still mine but damn, it can change quickly. Generally happy but get very sad all of a sudden. Like oh my god i need to cry sad.

Im 22 weeks today and everything is bang on plan. Growing away like a champ and lil Loki in there is making all the mischief. I need to go to the bathroom even more often during the night. Maybe ill just install a bed in the bathroom.

George felt a proper kick yesterday and those lega are definitely getting stronger. Bodes well for the coming 4 months..

Hey there baby belly. Almost 6 months now. Ive always thought i would be huge but its not too bad.

Btw, i need to brag a bit. We have a constant issues in proving to our french HQ that what we do here in London is good enough and as a result of that our CMO got an external (french) firm to analyse our work and come up with a next step plan to improve.

However, their report was really positive and basically said we are best in class and there is nothing to improve on. They said they dont recommend we hire them since there is nothing for them to do.

Im so happy with this. One of my main issues and failures as a manager here is to get HQ to believe in my teams and to see how good they really are and now we have it on paper.  I can leave happily on my maernity leave now knowing that the team will be all good.

Now i just need to do the same for my other team. Because they are awesome too.

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