Covered in overalls

We are off to Prague tomorrow. Belly is still manageable so shouldnt be a problem. Im assuming ill be the designated sober person for this team of miscreants. Im also by far the oldest, i mean, its for Lucies 30th…

But itll be fun. And ill eat goulash. All i need really. I can be out early checking out Prague while the others are sleeping. Last time i was there it was all about them drinks so didnt see much but bars. But this time see me being an cultural expert.

Btw, my colleague asked me if a wanted to join for the climate strike tomorrow. I was like ‘im flying…’. Fail!

On Tuesday met this babe. Havent seen her since Midsummer so definitely time for a catch up. We went for ramen and then to soho house for dessert. Because thats the kind of awesome people we are.

On the way home i popped by Next and found these cute preggers overalls. Cant get more american, cute girl next door, pregnant than this. Now i just need to paint the nursery with paint all over my face and i am living the dream.

And because my friends are awesome Lollo gave me not 1, not 2 but 6 nail polishes in dark colours. Winter sorted.

Yesterday i worked from home and decided it was autumn despite 19 degrees out. Still waiting for the cold guys.

Messy eyebrows and overalls. You might think ive given up but im actually giving in to the look.

Got to spend the day with my favourite. Love this little monster.

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