Prague days

Sorry for the radio silence. Prague all weekend and then off to Paris. The life of a jetsetter. Or a tired preggers lady with back problems.

Prague was awesome but, wouldnt necessary do another booze trip this far in. Trying to match peoples partying and hungovers is not easy and i ended up spending most of the time snoozing which i could have done at home.

Lovely time with the gang though and awesome seeing how happy Lucie was turning 30.

No one as happy as George when he finds a Burger King.

First night we just hung out at Lucies and Dans. They had a champagne tsunami and the boys got the whole bromancing out of the system.

People from London, Sweden and Barcelona. Sara has moved back to Stockholm with her english partner. Lot to talk about there.

Ha, super sexy photo of all of them.

After champagne and booze these 20 somethings crashed and the preggers lady was last man standing.

I mean, who doesnt need a snooze in a beautiful womans lap?

Despite the sleeping they all woke up when we got to the flat and ended up going out for another round so on Saturday morning it was a hungover crew doing the last touches on Lucies bday gift.

Then we headed downtown for food and general Prague touristing. Goulash all the way for me.

Liam and his tiny, tiny ice cream.

Baby mama startef feeling a bit tired after a couple of hours walking around but still going strong.

In the evening we got ready and headed out for drinks. This might look like a picture of two happy ladies but you dont see the panic behind those eyes. We had just reliased we locked the key into the flat and had no idea how to get back in.

Byt everything ended well and this is the Lucie looking through her gift of memories from all of us.

Even baby mama scrubbed up and stayed out until 3.

It was all night drinks at a lovely bar called Le Fleur and all of Lucies friends and family was there. Such a great evening.


I drank alcohol free cocktails and took care of the rest of the group. When i finally gave up at 2.30 the others still stayed out until 7. Strong work. Jealous of the fun but veeery smug the day after.

Sunday and boys being boys together ordering all the deep fried food.

Then movie night before we all crashed.

You cant leave Prague without one of their massive sausages.

Right Dan?

All in all a great trip but must admit im looking forward to no traveling for a while now. My back is not really dealing well with this whole preggers thing and ive started to wear one of those belts to help hold the belly up. Sexy!

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