A day shy of 6 months

Ok, heres a bit of a rant but god dammit my back. This whole traveling and sleeping in shitty hotel rooms is not helping anything. Im in week 24 and ready to pop this lil one out. Lets just say i wont be one of those ladies loving to be preggers. I dont hate it but i dont particularly feel like some strong earth mother either.

Im in Paris at the moment and well, nothing more to say about that. Going home tonight and seeing Katta tomorrow. Caught another sale yesterday and now almost done with stuff for the baby except for the things im asking for xmas gifts (hey grandparents). The stuff i got now is the boring stuff i asked around and you need. Like changing mat (we dont have a table), sheets for the bed, footmuff for the cold weather etc. All the sexy stuff.

The almost 6 months belly. Tomorrow is the 6 months mark. This is first thing in the morning so belly is definitely there at all hours of the day now. No hiding that.

Ha, me and my sexy garter belt i use for the back. Feel like ive given in to the whole thing now.

And btw, second lil rant. I need to go to Paris end of November for a management meeting. 8 months at that time. And i told my manager i have a doctors appointment in the evening on the second night so need to leave a bit earlier and hes like ‘can you change it’?. Hell no. Thats so late i wouldnt be allowed to fly any longer. We are talking missing 1h of two long days.

Anyway, i need to remember to not hate too much on white men when my lil boy is here.

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