Friday! Finally. This had been a long week. Prague, London and Paris in less than 5 days. I mean, its cool and all that but pretty draining. So bring on lazy times. Ill definitely aim for a job with less traveling as my next one. Love traveling for fun but not a massive fan of the job ones. Plus lil baby wont want mum to be away all the time.

I think he is happy in there. The kicks are getting stronger and last night he definitely woke me up with one. Looking at Georges mega thighs i dont want to think about was the end will be like. Hoping itll be so snug in there he wont have room for a proper roundhouse one.

W barking at me when i came home last night. Very angry i had to go to the bathroom rather than play with him.

Singing to lil baby this morning. Just trying the favourite name Lukas out. Its basically me singing i think he is sleeping. Because it was quiet for once in there.

Wearing actual normal clothes to work today. Finally a tad bit colder. The autumn clothes work better to just layer up and wear normal stuff.

Full outfit in all its glory. Feel almost hot.

Btw, a weird thing is guys that whistle or comment after you when you are clearly pregnat. I mean wtf. Arent you supposed to be sheltered at least then. Well, clearly not.

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