Hands up for a laugh

90% of all im saving off my phone at the moment is baby related. Which is completely uninteresting to pretty much anyone else. So here is a compilation of some other fun things from the world out there.

Me right now. Its all anxiety and back problems.

Ha, this made me laugh so hard. Love this kind of CV bullshitting. The complete opposite of the person who wrote ‘internet’ under special skills in a CV sent to my team.

100% getting this for Christmas. Last year i had 4 advent calendars. Need to top that this year. Only 84 days to go…

All the time. Love me some synth 80’s pop.

Haha. The cutest little bat ever. I want him. And ill keep calling him the darkness. Promise.

So very, very sad…

Haha, so true. Everyone wwant someone to cuddle with when rose season is over.

Me. And Filippa. But im totally tagging myself in this. I have become even clumsier since pregnant. Im a walking catastrophy.

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