Impending heartbreak

One of the weirdest things about not drinking is how weekday and weekend just blend together. No hangovers, no crazy parties, just slow, lovely days with my little family. Im sure ill appreciate this even more when its gone.

We had a perfect autumn weekend. Went for dinner and watched Rocketman on Saturday and met up with a crew to see Joker yesterday. And lots of leafy walks in Ravenscourt.

I spoke to Oliver yesterday and he wants to keep Woolly with him here in London when we move to Sweden and ive promised myself i wont fight that. Even if my heart is breaking even thinking about it (it really does) i cant steal him from his dad and his beloved London. I mean, we wont even have a flat when we move.

So right now im going through the slowest break up ever. Just want to cuddle him forever. The saddest thing is that i cant explain it to him, ill be just be gone one day…

Ok, have to stop thinking about it. My little heart is breaking.

My Saturday breakfast. Delicato ball. Give the belly what the belly wants.

Ma boys! Cant believe im going to have a family full of boys next year.

George locked our keys in the flat. I mean, come on… Good thing Ol has an extra pair and W just ended up getting an even longer walk in the park. He was one happy champ.

Belly was with us as well.

Told you, its all about them W cuddles right now. Im going to smother him for the next year.

Hello there 25w belly. You are looking strong. I could pat his little head yesterday pushing against my side. 15 weeks and we get to hold you.

Tonight seeing F who are in town for a night but before that dentist. Just keep living that rock and roll lifestyle.

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