A christmas gift

Im trying to not get too excited but my sis and her family has said they might come to London over Christmas

Ok, even the thought is making me WAY TOO EXCITED! I mean, sis, the kids and Micke for Christmas. In London. With me. Being fat and super preggers with my family around me. I cant imagine anything better.

I know ive been all sad about missing Christmas at home but this would be as epic. And if they dont come Jean, Natalia and baby Sophie will be here and we’ll do a Christmas dinner at ours. Plus i get to keep Woolly. Ill gather all my lost london friends around me and stuff them full with food.

There is somehing about the times in life when you need people extra much and you turn around and there they are. Family, friends, people that show you that hell no, you are not alone. Im very lucky to have the best people around me. Always.

Other signs of sweetness this week is George coming home early last night to cook me dinner, Louise texting out of the blue telling me she has made me a ring, Filippa making me feel so happy about our decision to move back to Sweden, only getting 10 min with Maggie on the phone but missing her fiercly and Woolly cuddling up so close every night.

Life. Pretty banging after all.

Ma boys. How i love these two.

George is the best. He really takes care of me and makes me feel so loved and safe every day. And Woolly is just my bundle of happiness.

He, sorry for the ugly pic but wanted to show you how you can totally see the head as that big lump on the right of my belly button. Hey baby!

Its all about the green today.

And the belly of course. Its always about the belly.

Btw, the funniest thing happened on my way to the dentist on Monday. These two boys, not a day older than 14, came up to me and one was like ‘hey, can my friend have your number’.

I just burst out laughing. Couldnt stop myself. They were just kids. The friend was like ‘why not?’ to my strangled no and i just walked on and kept laughing.

Poor boy, hope i didnt burst his ego. But, they must have totally missed the massive belly 🙂

Green on green. Feel like a snake.

George is working late for the rest of the week now for cocktail week and i need fill my time with something else than snoozing. Thats a challenge.

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