A weekend with Katta

Had a weekend filled with Katta chill time. Pretty banging. Need to steal all the time i can.

One of the things we did was a 3.5h walk in Richmond and im surprised at how fresh i feel. Almost in my third trimester and i did that without any issues. Guess my strong scandi viking legs are good for something. Plus i almost slept normally last night.

But, talked to our CMO and she was all like ‘i loved the third trimester. I loved being pregnant’ and i was like ‘did you really though…’ She feels like one of those whos like ‘i just worked out all the way through pregnancy, gave birth in like an hour and went back to work after 2 weeks’ type of people.

Dont trust them. Sure, being pregnant is lovely and cool and cant wait for the end result but loving being pregnant? No way. Its heavy and uncomfortable, your minds all over the place, your clothes dont fit, you can barely walk a flight of stairs and youre a wind bag filled with trapped air. And i have it easy.

Anyways, off to Paris tomorrow and im hoping for an easy journey, the train normally kill my back.

Dinner at Kattas. We made vietnamese spring rolls. Or tried to. It was more like trying to handle a condom working against you.

I mean… not exactly restaurant worthy. But it tasted good and we laughed so who cares if you are pretty much eating a condom.

On Sunday met with Katta and her mum for a walk in Richmond.

W joined of course and became bffs with Kattas mum who had dog treats in her pocket.

Proper autumn weather.

This little man showing off how pretty he is.

Yup, striking a pose for mummy.

Trying to warm him up at Petersham. I think he was being a little drama queen but hey, it got him all the food and cuddles so obviously worked.

He, George thinks i look like a candy here. Guess i could be a lollipop with that round belly.

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