Its a plan Stan

In Paris. I know ive been pretty clear about my feelings for this city but its not as bad as it could have been, the Eurostar is a dream and i have my little hotel where everyone knows my name. Ive just realised im not a massive fan of traveling for work. And very happy i only have one more trip planned in before im off.

Things are falling into place with our new reality. Well, given the last couple of months everything could happen…but the plan right now is moving already in May to get a head start with job hunting before summer to make sure that i have something by end of October latest. George is of course also talking to people and im pretty sure it

This gives us another 6 months here and the time to have our lil baby, setlle everything and get things ready in Sweden. Still dont have a clear answer from my job but it will have to work out. I cant wait around for them to make a decision.

So yeah, changes ahead. Baby, new jobs, new country. You know, the small things in life 🙂 At least life is not boring.

Last night i couldnt figure out what to eat. An issue i have with Paris is that restaurants dont open until 7 and im always hungry before that.

So, headed to McDonalds because why not. Started with the ice cream. When you are an adult you can do whatever you want.

And then cheeseburger in bed. Because rock and roll.

Back to London tonight and like resting. Ive realised how much i need my preggers pillow when i sleep in an uncomfortable hotel bed. And my boys. Need them.

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