Sad doggo

Its cold and rainy and i love it. Im a sucker for the cold. Walking around at home and loving it. Finally. Also give me more excuses for the PJ lifestyle im living right now.

Clothes is just a nightmare. Want to wear skirts but can barely put on tights. Want to wear jeans, sweaters dont cover stomach. Want to wear PJs, unfortunately not allowed in the work place.

So, lets talk less about that and focus on the fun stuff that is out there on the internet.

Honestly, this cant be unseen…

Heres the original for reference. Its totally a sad doggo…

Hehe, a collective slap to France…

Julia sent me this. I think this year represents this pretty well. Nothing goes to plan but things are going where they should anyway.

Hahahahaha, soooo true. My god, people that cant maneuver to tube…

I want this at home. Just to be able to say that every time someone asks.

Me! Love my sweet tooth. And my costume accessoaries. Reminds me i need to plan for Halloween.

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