Bye toes

Im in the third trimester now and the kicks are more squirms these days. Sorry its getting cramped in there little one, im doing my best to grow to fit you.

Im feeling very calm at the moment. I think that with everything happening this year, ivf, pregnancy, ‘losing’ my job, George losing his have just ended me up in this zen place. My brain cant take more worry so instead im like ‘it will all work out’. And it will. We have family and friends around us and are two capable human beings.

Cant remember the last time i was this chilled out. Im planning for our move but its all more fun than anything. Looking at flats and squirreling away our money. I feel like Joakim von Anka hoarding our money. Also, happy to get back to friends and family.

Now im just trying to enjoy (as in get through) the last couple of months before the little guy is here. But, gingerbread dough helps and soon its all Christmas time for real and not just in my world.

Bye, bye toes. George has promised hell paint my nails so hopefully it wont totally go to shit.

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