Carpe diem

Ha, im so bad at carping that diem at the moment. I just want to sleep. Or, try to sleep, its not a given these days.

Week 29 and this morning i did the diabetes test. No food and some sugary drink. Plus lots of blood letting. Monday win. Then it turned out baby is rhesus positive while im negative so for us to happily cohabit for another 3 months i needed some shot. Otherwise my body might reject him. Or he poison me. Same same.

Baby Munstev – making life messy since 2019.

So 3h in the hospital and then work. Tonight we are off to the theatre and this weekend its a Halloween party. Yes, i totally agree, that is just way to social for me at the moment.

Its all about the candles! Even George is a convert and he lights the sea salt on when im not around. Win.

He even said he is kinf of looking forward to Christmas this year!! I guess my plan of making Christmas all kinds of awesome is working. This year im making him an advent calendar, there will be some dope shit in there.

Celebrated Lollos bday on Saturday. Slurping oysters in style.

Then me, George and Katta went home and watched a movie. My team of sofa buddies.

Bought this years first hyacinth. Its happening people. I might also have eaten 2 packs of gingerbread dough in like 3 weeks.

Blaming the baby…

In the hospital this morning. Downside of being old and preggers is thats even more tests than normal. But so far so good, us viking women just rock this shit.

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