Faking smart

We went to the theatre last night. The death of a salesman. It was great but unfortunately my back was kiling me and in those tiny seats i couldnt get comfortable. So we left after the intermission. Probably the first time ever ive done that. Felt so bad but at least the place was filled to the rafters. Sorry team, it wasnt your fault.

Its getting real heavy now. Mainly shortness of breath, needing to pee all the time and pain if i walk too fast. And being very tired again. Those extra almost 10kg is weighing heavy on me. 84 days to go. Stay strong.

Feeling very tired today so doing more of a whine than needed really. Pop in again on friday when im all excited about the Halloween party that evening.

Do love the sights of central London. Not a fan of actually being there but i get struck by that childhood magic of being in LONDON!!

Feeling very smart for our intellectual night out. Too bad we failed.

7 months belly. There is no denying this shit. I dont think im bigger than normal really, im just feeling very big for me.

Midwife on Friday to get measured and stuff so ill guess we’ll know then. First, a bit of a hell week at work but see me rocking!

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