End of the decade – 2010

Its almost at the end of the decade and that means ive lived in London for 10 years. 10 fucking years!! So i thought id do a little recap of my time here one year at a time. Friends, memories, embarassing stories. Youll get it all.

I arrived on the 2nd of Jan 2010 with two bags and no bedding. The first night i slept under a jacket and showered with a bath mat. Nothing if not classy this lady. I knew nothing about London really and moved in with two guys i didnt know, but certainly knew of (Sthlm is small and gossip travel fast).

Eric and Robin was both infuriating and the best housemates a girl could ask for. They invited me into their group and made sure i had friends from day one. But they also hogged the TV to play Fifa and it was a bit like moving in with two younger brothers.


I settled in and did what i do best. Read books, walked all over London and got used to my new surroundings. I had Dani as well as the boys and about a month later Elin arrived with about 15 pairs of shoes and her ‘lets just suck the marrow out of life’ attitude.

I know me and London would get on well when on my birthday 6 weeks after coming here a whole nightclub sang Happy Birthday and i got a 5l bottle of shots delivered by sparkles and half clad girls. Its something about looking around a sea of faces that are still somewhat strangers but becoming friends and getting that feeling in your stomach of fuck yeah life.


Life in Ifield Road was an endless party. Sven lived next door and it was people over pretty much every night. The neighbours hated us in this posh Cheslsea street.


At work i had Dani and quickly got a group of friends there as well. The football was on and we went out every night that summer drinking rose and jagerbombs. Winning combo. I had to drink a jagerbomb per goal Germany scored. They scored a lot of goals that summer…


People came to visit. This is IT-Jens (ha, not his name but the boys were cruel). We had a thing and he came to visit. Unfortunately for him he turned out to be a bit of a dick. Or, if im going to be honest, i was probably as much of a dick. I was still epically weird around boys and he didnt really fit with the crew. Poor guy to be honest.

It ended with us never speaking again and him being to joke of the house.


But, the summer was long and London crazy and the party never ended. Here im drinking shots from a banana shot while straddling Sven in a wrestler mask. Given.


Kix had moved down from Bath and she lived with us. She, Elin and me became the bestest of friends and it was nice to have the girls to break up all the boys with. The three of us did everything together and they really made London feel even more like home.

Elin was the fixer and Kix the caretaker. Between the two of them you got spoilt by love, home baked bread, long chats into the night and as many hugs as my poor swedish heart could handle.


There was always another party going and my colleague Christoph was always up for one. Here was a free booze cruise on the Themes. We collected people around us that was as up for everything as we was. Nothing was a no go. Nightclubs to 10 am the day after, weird house parties with new friends, dress up raves, drinking with the argentinian polo team, free flowing booze and constant hangovers.


We did walk around London as well. Book markets, parks, museums. It feels like i never worked that first summer but i think i just had that much energy for everything. Who needs sleep when you are in London?


At the end of the summer i met Walkey and we quickly became a thing. I fell hard. Looking back we were very different but at time I jumped head first and dreamt of a future. I hung out up East most of the time and at the same time me and the girls moved into a new flat the three of us.

It all felt pretty magical. Meeting a guy i really liked, moving in with my bestest girls and having a job i enjoyed. Cant get better right? Cissi 28 was aceing life.


It was a lot of East London going and i spent my time with Walkey and with Tom and Ben who lived next door to him. Thats how we met. I picked up Tom and Ben in Ibiza and when we started hanging out in London Walkey stepped into my life.

Lets just say i won on one of them – Tom and Ben, i love you.


But, it was still mostly about my friends down west. Kix and me made an awesome party duo.


Yes, kitchen utensils are sexy.


Tompen moved to London and lived with us. It was us girls and the sweetest boy known to man. Between the parties we lived home life and took care of each other. You need that when you have left your family back home.


It was all about our little family. We still hung out with everyone else of course but in the end of the day we came home to each other. Tumpens and my favourite were drinking chai tea at the end of a night out. Wholesome.


And the amount of wine consumed. Could feed a small country.


We didnt really have money for Christmas decorations so we took what we had. Red knickers in the window anyone?


And newspaper and nail polish to make decorations.


End of the year Christmas dinner with the heroes. Sven, Stan, Ella, Robbo, me, Pettan, Tumpen and Elin.

And that was the first year in London. A lot of new friends, crazy experiences and awesome memories. I met some of the people that have stayed with me since. Kix, Tompa, Robin, Eric, Tom, Ben, Ella, Stan, Sven and many more. Elin and Dani became my closest friends and Kirsten stepped into my life as well. I have known all of these amazing people for 10 years now. Thats a life time.

They say it takes 10 years to truly call yourself a Londoner. I was already falling in love with the city that first year but another 9 years would form who i am today.

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