A Halloween corpse

Happy Halloween guys. The streets around us is filled with pumpkins and spider webs  and tonight i expect all the little ghosts and vampires roaming the streets in search of candy. London does Halloween very well.

George is working so W and me will watch a spooky (ish) movie. Like Beetlejuice. And eat candy of course. Tomorrow its all in on the dress up but tonight i need a break. I am wearing my skeleton unicorn earrings though. You never get too old for a nod to the dress up.

And from tomorrow its free for all on Christmas spirit. I dont have to tell you ive been there since beginning of October but now the rest of the world follows me. Woohoo!

Belly. Its getting sturdy now in month 7. This is 5, 6 and 7. Midwife tomorrow and will hopefully know if hes growing away steadily.

Look at this dress from the Giambattista collaboration. I could get married and that and me happy.

Autumn walks with W this morning. Starting to go a bit slow but still getting around the park for an hour without issues. Less running around with the mini man though, thank god for sticks.

Pretty out.

Came home to a true Halloween sign. A corpse in the living room. Poor little mouse. Feel bad that he would end this way, at least its warm in our kitchen.

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