Fat lyfe!

Welcome to the fat life! The almost 9 kg are starting to take its toll. The stranded beach whale look is this seasons trendiest. Yesterday baby had his feet safely planted in what felt like it was directly in my bladder. Like foot urine deep. That meant both trips to the bathroom every 30 min plus a bit of stomach pain.

Pregnancy glow my ass.

And try sleeping with a foot in your bladder. And a snoring man next to you. Ended up sleeping on the sofa to the sweet sound of the italians above us having a party until 6am. But, thats party karma from my previous party life.

On the fun side. In two weeks im going to a halloween party and i get to plan preggers outfits. Plus 2x bday party next weekend. George also gave me two bottles of alcoholfree gin so get to feel like one of the cool kids.

We are all kin

Almost in the third trimester. Everything is going smoothly and little one is even more active if thats even possible. Have my consultation booked in for the C-section in a couple of weeks and in general feeling good except for the standard aches and pains.

Told George he had to stay home with me on NYE rather than work. I feel bad being that person but its only 3 weeks before EDD and if something happens im all alone. On a night with no taxis. No ones around so i cant make someone else look after me 🙂

Ha, i would have never thought like this for my own health but the thought of something happening to mini baby because i cant get myself to the hospital in time makes me go all mama bear.

Work is starting to get a bit tricky but so far my long monkey arms are making sure i can still type and you know, get dressed.

Got a beautiful ring from Louise on Friday. Shes started a jewellery brand here in London called Kin. Because we are all kin.

Shes just starting out but doing some lovely things. Check it out! I love that im surrounded by so many talented people. One day ill make beautiful things as well.

Took some artsy photos to show the ring off. I absolutely love it.

Been looking for a top finger ring for a while but its hard to find nice ones. So, just have your friends make them for you 🙂

When you have so much stuff laying around your desk at work you can stage a photo shoot.

Speaking of friends. We had Stu over for dinner last night, havent seen him in ages. I do tend to forget my friends at the moment because so sofa bound (yes, its my own choice, im just like a lazy, fat cat) and it was lovely to see him.

Only 55 work days left and then this new, crazy stage in my life starts. Cant wait but also a tiny bit nervous.


I went out on Friday. Like actually dressed up, left the house and came home after midnight. Rock and fucking roll my friends.

George was working Cocktail weekend with the rest of UKs bartenders so i headed there to get me some delicious mocktails. It was torture, it all looked so good. But, i walked around for 2h saying hi to everyone and having a lot of people saying hi to jellybean and petting the belly. He said hi back. Then i headed up to Found and ran into Dallas. Then George joined and we got surprise ambushed by Alex and Lucy. So nice. Perfect friday night.

Josh showing off his new company. He is making frech juices for the bars. The perfect place for me to hang out.

It was like a drunken carnival in the cocktail village.

I got glittered up and hang out in a sauna.

In rye we trust. Why not. To be honest though, im not a massive rye fan.

The coolest boys at LCW. Josh stole me away but lost me as quickly. Not that easy to keep up with drunken people when you are sober.

Alcohol free booze. George got me two bottles. Hello Christmas time.

Ended the night with a glitter selfie in the bathroom. As you do.

Saturday we chilled. George was working and i can of felt hungover so W and me just sat on the sofa and slept and ate. Dream life.

Hanging out with his favourite belly. Its becoming quite sizeable now. But, i am 6.5 months and the baby like 35cm in there so its bound to get a bit tight.


Got a haircut again. Problem about slowly but surely turning grey is that you need to update the colour to avoid those sexy grey roots. And yes, my vanity is definitely my hair, not ready to give up and become grey yet.

Some sexy stages on the way to princess hair.

And here we go. Locks and blow dry. True princess hair.

The hair looks very dark i know but it lightens up.

I had exactly this colour 3 months ago and this is me yesterday before the colour. Back to my normal, lighter colour.

Ended my night drinking this years first Julmust. Can you feel it guys? Because i certainly can…

Christmas is coming!

Happy, happy, happy!!

They have booked!! They are coming!! Im kind of crying and laughing and is wayyyyy too excited. Like me sis told the kids ‘youll have the most christmassy christmas ever’. Hell yeah they will! Im going even more all in when i get to decide.

I wonder if i can get away with giving them matching PJs to sleep in when they are here…

So now im in full on planning mood. Mixing up a swedish/english/aussie/french/polish Christmas. Im going to rock this shit, they wont even know what hit them.

Yes! Happy faces all around. All the sadness is replaced by happiness. God i love my family.

And W. He’ll be there as well. I mean, he’ll hate having the house full but who cares. Im totally getting him a little Christmas hat.

Im going to try and contain my Christmas feelings for another month now. Not in private of course but to you guys here.

A christmas gift

Im trying to not get too excited but my sis and her family has said they might come to London over Christmas

Ok, even the thought is making me WAY TOO EXCITED! I mean, sis, the kids and Micke for Christmas. In London. With me. Being fat and super preggers with my family around me. I cant imagine anything better.

I know ive been all sad about missing Christmas at home but this would be as epic. And if they dont come Jean, Natalia and baby Sophie will be here and we’ll do a Christmas dinner at ours. Plus i get to keep Woolly. Ill gather all my lost london friends around me and stuff them full with food.

There is somehing about the times in life when you need people extra much and you turn around and there they are. Family, friends, people that show you that hell no, you are not alone. Im very lucky to have the best people around me. Always.

Other signs of sweetness this week is George coming home early last night to cook me dinner, Louise texting out of the blue telling me she has made me a ring, Filippa making me feel so happy about our decision to move back to Sweden, only getting 10 min with Maggie on the phone but missing her fiercly and Woolly cuddling up so close every night.

Life. Pretty banging after all.

Ma boys. How i love these two.

George is the best. He really takes care of me and makes me feel so loved and safe every day. And Woolly is just my bundle of happiness.

He, sorry for the ugly pic but wanted to show you how you can totally see the head as that big lump on the right of my belly button. Hey baby!

Its all about the green today.

And the belly of course. Its always about the belly.

Btw, the funniest thing happened on my way to the dentist on Monday. These two boys, not a day older than 14, came up to me and one was like ‘hey, can my friend have your number’.

I just burst out laughing. Couldnt stop myself. They were just kids. The friend was like ‘why not?’ to my strangled no and i just walked on and kept laughing.

Poor boy, hope i didnt burst his ego. But, they must have totally missed the massive belly 🙂

Green on green. Feel like a snake.

George is working late for the rest of the week now for cocktail week and i need fill my time with something else than snoozing. Thats a challenge.


Filippa came to London yesterday for work. And to see me!! I got so excited i took zero photos. But she looked gorgeous and it was amazing to see her. The best thing about moving back to Sweden is my friends and family. Im lucky ive kept in touch with them over the years and ill fall straight into the arms of my bffs.

What the last 10 years have really taught me is that friendships takes active work as well. Especially if you are a phone phobic like me. But ive really tried to be there for my friends and theyve certainly been there for me. The most important ones have become even stronger due to the effort put into them.

Tonight i have a phone date with Maggie, need to see her baby boy even if its only on facetime.

But, emotions and friendships aside, lets look at my consumerism (sorry Greta)

1 of my 3 (yes, i know) advent calendars. A puzzle one. 12 mini ones until Christmas.

The most rock and roll advent calendar you have ever seen.

And my mahoosive beauty calendar. Yes, this is beyond indulgent and my mum would sigh at me if she knew but it makes me so happy. Plus, im forever claiming the ‘i dont get to go home over Christmas’ card.

That deserves 25 boxes of beauty magic.

We will however have a little dinner on the 24th for everyone in London. Serve some swede stuff and listen to all the Christmas songs.

I will reclaim Christmas. No crying on this bad ass girl.

Impending heartbreak

One of the weirdest things about not drinking is how weekday and weekend just blend together. No hangovers, no crazy parties, just slow, lovely days with my little family. Im sure ill appreciate this even more when its gone.

We had a perfect autumn weekend. Went for dinner and watched Rocketman on Saturday and met up with a crew to see Joker yesterday. And lots of leafy walks in Ravenscourt.

I spoke to Oliver yesterday and he wants to keep Woolly with him here in London when we move to Sweden and ive promised myself i wont fight that. Even if my heart is breaking even thinking about it (it really does) i cant steal him from his dad and his beloved London. I mean, we wont even have a flat when we move.

So right now im going through the slowest break up ever. Just want to cuddle him forever. The saddest thing is that i cant explain it to him, ill be just be gone one day…

Ok, have to stop thinking about it. My little heart is breaking.

My Saturday breakfast. Delicato ball. Give the belly what the belly wants.

Ma boys! Cant believe im going to have a family full of boys next year.

George locked our keys in the flat. I mean, come on… Good thing Ol has an extra pair and W just ended up getting an even longer walk in the park. He was one happy champ.

Belly was with us as well.

Told you, its all about them W cuddles right now. Im going to smother him for the next year.

Hello there 25w belly. You are looking strong. I could pat his little head yesterday pushing against my side. 15 weeks and we get to hold you.

Tonight seeing F who are in town for a night but before that dentist. Just keep living that rock and roll lifestyle.

Staying bad ass

Im wearing a thick jumper today. Loving it. And a beanie. Yes, im going all basic bitch and loving on autumn but i DO love autumn. Mainly because of candles and tea and books which is my life anyway. Plus lets face it, im no summer girl. Never have been. Always better with a pale face, black and a leather jacket.

Bought myself a new bad ass ring to give myself a much needed oumphf. Because pregnancy is not bad ass. Well, it is with what the body is doing and all that but i dont exactly feel bad ass. I feel achy and farty and burpy. Hence new swag.

Look at this beauty. A vampire bite ring in silver. From Kasun. I can probably kill people with that one.

Less cool things ive been up to is arranging babys drawer of clothes. My mum was like ‘was is that ugly brown thing’. Its a lil lion and its super cute. The best thing about having your own baby is that you can do whatever YOU want. If i want to dress my boy as the fiercest lil lion ever i will.

So yeah, we are pretty much done now. Just waiting for our lil bundle of crazy.

Hey there baby bump. 25w. 60% done and won. 65 more working days until maternity. Not that im counting down or anything…

But, my feet and ankles hasnt swollen yet so still wearing nice shoes.

And all in on the layering today. You can barely see the bump hiding there.

God, my life is just swallowed up by pregnancy. Sorry to…well, everyone. But, it was a long fucking time coming.

When my mum said she thinks im like buying and fixing too much i just wanted to scream ‘but i waited soooooo long for this and had to see everyone else around me get it’. So yeah, i stand tall in the fact that finally its my turn to nest. 18 months of tests and worry and injections and now im going to enjoy every second of it.

Hands up for a laugh

90% of all im saving off my phone at the moment is baby related. Which is completely uninteresting to pretty much anyone else. So here is a compilation of some other fun things from the world out there.

Me right now. Its all anxiety and back problems.

Ha, this made me laugh so hard. Love this kind of CV bullshitting. The complete opposite of the person who wrote ‘internet’ under special skills in a CV sent to my team.

100% getting this for Christmas. Last year i had 4 advent calendars. Need to top that this year. Only 84 days to go…

All the time. Love me some synth 80’s pop.

Haha. The cutest little bat ever. I want him. And ill keep calling him the darkness. Promise.

So very, very sad…

Haha, so true. Everyone wwant someone to cuddle with when rose season is over.

Me. And Filippa. But im totally tagging myself in this. I have become even clumsier since pregnant. Im a walking catastrophy.