Weekend with my Julia

Monday. Going into week 31 tomorrow. My little raver keeps me up for at least an hour every night but i guess thats good practice for when he comes. Generally life is pretty banging.

Julia was here over the weekend and it was absolutely lovely. She needed a break from kids and dogs and life so she spent a lot of it just hanging around by herself. Love those kind of friendships with no exptectations. We did have time for food and candy and musical and all the important updates though. Plus talking to little Agnes of course, important. She was very determined that she needed to talk to ‘Izzy’. Always little angel.

With George away i also took the opportunity to put his advent calendar together. Still working on my project to get him to love Christmas. Just shower him with love.

It was supposed to be 24 little bags but some it was too big. Good thing i had matching wrapping paper though… not exactly influencer worthy but very me.

The bags is not homemade by me (sorry) but the best thing is that they can be used again. I think this might be the last one for George but baby might have some calendars in his future.

Very cute little bags and cleverly done with hanging pins. im quite proud and mostly because i could sneak some Christmas in early. With my hyacinths and pine candle it smells of Christmas already and now it looks al pretty too.

My decorating table. And yes, the red L on the table is for Lukas. It lights up. It will see me through the last weeks of pregnancy before i get to meet the little monster.

Flowers a week in. Still looking strong.

In the evening Julia and me went for dinner in Notting Hill. I took zero photos because i suck. Or well, i took a pic of my belly cause i spilled all over it. Definitely becoming a middle aged man with a beer gut.

Saturday morning. Breakfast, candles and Christmas movie. My dream morning. Im all in on the romantic, sappy movies at the moment. Want my life cocooned in snow and romance and pretty colours.

Met with Julia in town and we had a very rushed, but delicious dinner, at Dishoom. She gave me and baby a gift. Nailed it! Super cute outfit from mini rodini for him, all the lollipops for me.

Since we had to rush from the dinner and had to wait for 1.5h before a table the restaurant felt very bad they gave us a treat to go. Ice cream :). I mean, what do you dream of when you have to run to a show in a pouring London. Ice cream….

I smuggled it into the theatre then threw it away. Criminal.

Two very happy girls about to see wicked. I do love that musical, has some pretty epic belters plus fantasy and amazing costumes.

On Sunday it was all sunny and lovely. I met with Moley, Tom and their two boys. We had cake in Ravenscourt and talked about Sweden. They are also getting tired of London and thinking about where to go. Even the londoners are fleeing the city. Such a shame.

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