week 31

75% done, im rolling into the final stretch now. I still fell pretty good. I have gained 10kg and luckily (touch wood) not retained water so no bloated ancles. Im sure that can still come but im counting my blessings. The main issue through all of this is still my back. Plus feeling very breathless at the moment with the baby pushing on the lungs. And, need to remember to slow down when i walk, otherwise my pelvic is killing me.

Its all manageable though and im getting very excited to meet the little man. Meeting the birth consultant on thursday to discuss the c-section. Still really hoping to have an elective c-section so thats what im hoping to get an ok for.

George is back from his party week in Dublin today. I normally miss him when he is away but i feel it even stronger now. I also need help in my every day plus feel safer when he is here. Its starting to feel real that something can happen.

Its really weird to feel that i need someone this much. Im so used to being able to do everything myself. And now im just big and tired 🙂

Woolly always close to the belly and to mummy these days.

However, when i have less energy to play i get the ass. Sorry monster, your dad needs to come back so he can play with you.

Little guy had the hiccups last night. Too cute.

Hell yeah thats a belly. Hes about 40cm and 1.5kg now so its getting tight in there. Which is pretty annoying for both of us…especially when he does his special, a jerk like motion that kicks both arms and legs at the same time. Alien much.

Hes definitely Goerges son with all that energy…

Dressing up like a chalet girl today, its nice to wear some normal clothes.

Bought new boots from Other stories. Love them plus they are wide enough to just jump into for a pregnant woman.

Pink on white. Bring on the non existing snow.

Meeting an old colleague from Maria times for lunch here in London today. Havent seen her for like 11 years. Will be lovely.

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