End of the decade – 2013

And we’ve arrived at 2013. London was dipped in colours, both the people and the city and everything felt possible. A warm spring followed by a warm summer and we lived it to the fullest.

This is the year when things started to turn for me. Kix took my hand and made me go to the doctor to get help with my depression and i started the long journey of getting better. Oliver and i moved to a flat of our own and i changed job. Everyone was in a good place and it felt like London was exploding with possibilities.

6ee12-dsc00233 - Copy - Copy

Went to Sweden in the beginning of the year. Jonas had a Mad Men themed party. Julia and i was Betty and Don Draper. Nailed it.

d57da-dsc00276 - Copy

I checkedout the boobs out of course.

1e2cf-dsc00303 - Copy - Copy

And was a generally undecent man of the 50’s.

3e034-dsc00347 - Copy - Copy

Plus posed as the iconic Helmut Newton photo.


Who need the original when you have me?

4ecbe-_dsc5909 - Copy - Copy

Lollo moved to London and Sanna came to visit. Double win.

7b5ca-_0016184 - Copy - Copy

We went up East for Bens bday party.

67976-_0016179 - Copy

Elin and me reunited after not seeing each other from moving out of the flat pretty much. Matchy in black (look Katta, im getting more of my normal style here…)


Oliver and Kix threw me a unicorn suprise birthday party.

429a0-dsc00046 - Copy - Copy

I had my one chance of being a unicorn and i ended up looking like the love child and David Bowie and Elton John. Total fail on that one.


But awesome party all around.


Have you ever seen a sexier unicorn huddle? I dont think so!

c3b5d-dsc00110 - Copy

I mean, come on…

2991b-_dsc5603 - Copy - Copy

Robin turned 30. I did what i normally do. Being awesome!

16198-_dsc1943 - Copy

And Malin had her birthday as well. It was all a party as you can see. What we did best in London 2013.


In spring Oliver and me went to Sri Lanka. It was a lovely two week trip traveling around the country.


We walked holy mountains


Huddled up in the cold


And met elephants.


This is probably when the two of us where at our best. I was getting better with more energy and we felt that we had everything great ahead of us.


Came back to London and went for dinners up East.


Good thing about dating a photographer are all the awesome photos from your every day life.

Summer came and with that lots of travels and in the middle of July Oliver and me moved into our new flat. How i loved that place, my first own place ever.


Office party with a pirate theme. On a boat. Fitting.



Kix birthday party. We looked smart.


Sunny boys.


And then of course ending the night in Raffles. That was life in 2013, late night at Raffles every weekend.


I went to the Canary Islands with work hosting a trip called Tjejplanet


Met some awesome people including Mans Zelmerlov (makes sense to the swedes). His guitarist was flirting with me but no can do, i had a boyfriend (even if he was very cute). Thats like my one claim to almost fame.



Midsummer in Gothenburg with my girls. Before babies and pregnancies when we ruled the party. But dont worry, we’ll be back.


My cousin got married at the county house and i took the photos.




We went to Somerset to hang out with Toms family in Maidenhead. True english countryside. Here we are smoking up the chimey with his mum singing Queen.


And to Sannas house in Spain



Yes, i was all in on the black and white photos this year.


9e6d1-flowes - Copy - Copy

We got the flat ready, it was all colours and light.


Maggie and Fredrik came to visit and they were the first guests in the new place. Feeling the love.


House parties are the best parties.


And of course, Sweden for some muhsroom picking.

Autumn came and we loved life in our new flat, i was getting used to my new job and we started thinking about getting a dog. But, it had to wait. We werent ready for Woolly yet.

8ec69-_dsc6342 - Copy

Many dinners in our flat.


We went to Rye and Oliver painted my picture in the sand.


Took artsy pictures in the flat


And Sanna came to visit again.


Mum and dad came just before Christmas and i had my very own Cristmas tree for the first time.

8d3c0-_dsc6313 - Copy

It was all about bows, flared dresses and looking cute in 2013. I nailed that look.


Hello dad!

Went home to Sweden for Christmas of course.


2012 was all about the snow, this year was all grey. But who cares when you have family all around.


I handed out Christmas gifts.


And these two were bffs.

19eea-_dsc6884 - Copy

Paola turned 30 and had a birthday party. I got very hungover and had to catch a ride with my pregnant cousin Jossan to the airport. I threw up in their new car. Not my finest moment…

0da5f-_dsc6755 - Copy

Came back to london and we went for an epic New Years party. Kix and me were 19th century prostitutes.


I mean, nailed it again!!

6b557-img-20130102-wa0004 - Copy


Then things went downhill… i kind of remember most of the night, including hugging the bouncer before Oliver at midnight. I mean, he was my new bff.

And that was 2013. The party continued but things had started to calm down and i was feeling better. It was all about life with Oliver, the swede crew in London and we really had all the fun.

Here are some bonus pictures for whoever hasnt had enough…


Drinks with the Tomlins. Because always up to no good.


Beautiful shot of my hand for Damson.


Another great house party. Rakfrossa at Malin and Hjalles.


Beautiful shot of Malin the bday girl and her pet fox.


Posing with Tumpen. Mad dogs.


Early morning waiting for the sun to go up in Sri Lanka.

11f74-summerwalk - Copy - Copy

Happily enjoying spring coming to London.

61c9d-dsc00261 - Copy - Copy

I think i suit the gender neutral look.

abe71-dsc00055 - Copy

Ha, unicorns are a lot more refined these days…

b469b-_0016155 - Copy

And of course you end up taped to a chair on your birthday. Standard.

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