In the park

I have struggled with feeling big and uncomfortable all weekend. Ill write more about it tomorrow when i hit 31 weeks but its all one big belly now.

We did have an awesome weekend though. George was out Friday (i just have to control my jealousy of his still fun life) and i was home with the dog. Thank god for Woolly keeping me company.

On Saturday we were invited to Alex and Lucy. Alex is Jeans friend and dad to Aaron, one of the boys in JW Paris. Ive known him for like 5 years now, hes the craziest, funniest, best guys ever. Lucy is his gf and the manager of West Ham park. Plus like the sweetest hostess with the mostest ever.  Which is awesome because she lives in one of those cottages in the park so i got treated like a princess in a dream cottage all weekend. Dream life. Plus they rock together.

On Saturday morning we took a walk in the park with Woolly. One of the things that are lovely with London is that autumn last for quite a while. Less lovely is the mud but hey, look on the bright side.

Ma boys playing. When mama cant run any longer you convince whoever you can to play with you.

And then we went to Alex and Lucys. JW Paris was played on the radio and we just had to take a shot to celebrate.

Lucy made an amazing dinner with tapas, duck in plum sauce and turkish mocha pots. Plus look at that room. Such a great place to live.

Then crazy started. Whiskey sours, the dress up box and a wine tsunami.

Plus George spilling cat food all over the kitchen and then taking advantage of Alex when he was cleaning it up. As you do.

Best evening in a long time. I had the energy to stay up to 2 when i was not in a busy bar and you know how i feel about a dress up box…

Butterfly princess pictures.

In the morning i got a friend when the others was sleeping. Could live like this.

Jean, Natalia and Sophie came by since it was leaf piling day in the park. The local community collect all the leaves and then the kids jump in the piles. Too cute.

6 grown ups and one kid. Poor Sophie had to do all the jumping.

Then we headed home to sofa and our hound. I felt a bit so so and headed to bed around 9. Im struggling with feeling so utterly exhausted all the time.

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