Week 31

Im coming up to the last two months now. I can feel it. Everywhere. Im still manageable and can reach my toes (barely but still) but everything feels so heavy. And im so, so tired all the time. Maybe partly because of the low iron but also because carrying around that 40cm, 1.5kg parasite in my body.

I have bad days now. When the heartburn sets in or im so full i feel ill or i cant sleep despite being exhausted or when i just miss my old body and enjoying a walk outside. Im mostly fine but my god those days make me into a moany goat. Like for real. I sit there, belly out, rocking back and forth and moan.

Have i told you im all kinds of awesome at the moment 🙂

But, as George and me say when im extra bad ‘remember, pregnancy is magical’. Ha, the other day i saw the dreaded cankles. Sock marks for the win.

Extra happy preggers face.

hehe, this is the true face of an almost 8 months preggers woman.

But all is not bad of course. Hes a cute little hiccupper and i cant wait to meet him. He has his personality already. Full speed mornings, evenings and 4am. Kicking with all his body in every direction at the same time. Passed out as soon as i eat and gently rolling around in his sleep.

I hope he gets George curly hair and skin colour and my light eyes. And both of our hands. But mostly i just hope he comes out happy and healthy.

Woolly has started the full around the belly snooze. Protecting from all angles. One more boy in my family soon.

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