Growing away

Its funny doing these end of decade wrap ups and remember all the crazy times that has been had, especially looking at life right now. Nightclubs and Burning Man feels like the furthest thing on my mind right now.

I know im going a bit moany here at the end of the pregnancy but it is absolutely lovely sitting together on the sofa feeling baby kick. Even the 4 am raves makes me smile because they are so George and me. Yesterday W was laying on my stomach and got a kick to the head, he was not happy but to me it was just too cute. And plenty more where that came from.

We went to the midwife yesterday and all is good in the hood. Baby is growing away and im all healthy. Fundal height is 31cm, pretty much bang on, and all my test results are ace. With my 10kg up im pretty bang on that curve too. Almost too normal.

He is a little bit above the absolute average but still very much within the normal range.

And, happily enough my back is a lot better now. My hips dont lie and have widened to accomodate for mini man. Cheers. Loving that right now.

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