When we kidnapped Sanna

Back from my trip to Sweden and getting ready for my trip to Paris. Yes, im feeling it being 8 months pregnant so no more travel after this. Im done being super woman.

Sweden was lovely though. We surprised Sanna with a very belated wedding gift taking her for a spa weekend us girls. She started crying when she saw me. So happy we could do this for her, Its not easy getting peoples schedules together these days.

Was dead coming home yesterday and had a very unstrong independent woman moment hoping George was coming to meet me at the airport or at least hammersmith to help with the bag. But no, he was playing video games at home so i was quite unimpressed and headed straight for bed. Being tired does not help with the general mood…

But, in the beginning i was all excited when belly and me boarded the plane ready for some food.

After the worlds best saffron bun at Filippas and sneaking around so Sanna wouldnt spot me i headed to baby bros and Sandras new place. Mum and dad came up as well and they got to pet the belly and experess the happiness about us moving back.

Ordering pizzas because fancy family.

Dad and his disgusting curry banana one. Really, i come from that??

Family!! Cant wait to see them more.

On saturday morning we had a painting sess with Ingrid and Vilma. The kids were ace

Me and F has some work to do. We painted the weekend. Pretty accurate.

And then it was finally time. Picked Sanna up and kidnapped her

Into a muddy forest. We had booked spa and walking and we didnt realise just how muddy and tricky the walk would be.

But, we never give up so started a 3h hike that ended with us giving up half way (and that was after 3h) and almost dying in the mud.

I mean, we were pretty happy.

And thank god for head torches.

After that drama we got treated with a 3 course dinner. Lovely food and even lovelier company.

Lukas had a grand old time in my belly.

The day after was all spa, spa, spa. Much needed for tired November.

Such quality to go away for a weekend with your favourite girls. Despite tired today im so happy we did this. I can sleep in an another lifetime.

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