Au revoir Paris

My last trip to Paris is done and dusted. It was a struggle at the end, didnt realise just how tiring it would be with two back to back trips like that. Lesson learned.

But, now im home on the sofa with my hound and everything feels fine. We ended yesterday with rushing to our first antenatal class with NTC. It was very interesting. They are very focused on the holistic, the less medicine the better, approach but it was a lot of cool things i hadnt heard before. Plus, the main thing is to meet people in your area having kids around the same time.

We were 8 couples at one time playing with dolls. A bit surreal but overall good. We have another 5 sessions until we are ready to do this shit. Must admit im dreading the pretending to give birth and pushing part…

What im definitely NOT dreading is buying our christmas tree sunday.

Me, Ingrid and my little god daughter Vilma in the back. Cant wait for them to meet Lukas.

Yeah, im a pro painter at 8 in the morning!

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