The tiredness

Sorry but there wont be a throwback this week. Im too lazy. I have energy for 1-2 things a day these days and today is getting the last couple of things for the baby on Black Friday as well as bookclub tonight. And thats me done.

Im always a pretty chill person who loves the sofa but this is ridicilous. I have zero energy. Yesterday it took all i had to walk W and organise the last couple of Christmas gifts and my weekend is booked out. Lunch tomorrow and packing hospital bag and Sunday its all about the christmas decorations.

I think its the combo of lack of sleep, extra weight and general pains and aches that just makes everything so much harder. It doesnt help that George’s job (and social life) means his out of the house a lot in the evenings and im so dead by then. Poor W hates me because there is just no more playing.

I remember thinking that the people that go on mat leave a month in advance is crazy but the be honest, i kind of see why. I would be bored to death but probably get everything that needs doing perfectly in time with 1 thing a day.

Anyways, tonight its all about snazzing up and going out. I need that.

W and the massive belly. He just doesnt get why i dont want to run after him all the time. Sorry lil buddy.

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