Me and the belly

33 weeks. 7 weeks to go. Thats like tomorrow. I packed my hospital bag yesterday. Nappies and clothes and comfy underwear and baby wipes. The essentials. Lets just say G has no idea whats needed so this makes it easy. He can just grab the bag and go when its time. And in a week the crib and the pram arrives. Then we will be all set to go. Nothing can go wrong…hah!!

We had the landlord over yesterday to sign a new contract to the 16th of May. Its flexible if we change our minds but we are getting ready for the big move. Eeek! It will just have to work out, i cant worry about if my job decides to mess me around or not.

2020 – baby, new country and new jobs. We dont do things in halves my man and me.

Otherwise all is good. Baby is around 45cm and 2.5kg now. Its getting tight in there. Getting a couple of well aimed kicks to the ribs to remind me im alive. I remember sleep fondly. On the other hand, had time for my puzzle and breakfast this morning before walking W and then getting to work.

Hello there belly. There is no denying you now. Thats a happy 11.5kg extra im carrying around.

So far the cankles are not too bad and i havent started retaining fluid anywhere else. Pretty sure im not out of the woods yet though. My hips being good ol viking hips are widening to let that monster through.

But to be honest, i dont have it too bad. The breathlessness is the killer but i still manage to walk W for an hour without issues. And naps is my life blood at the moment.

George made the biggest bolognesi ever yesterday. That’ll feed us for the week.

And heres a picture form our bookclub on friday. Kattas last one :(. She and Jini celebrated with all the drinks.

Very telling. Shots and books. Classic. We all loved the book and the strong portraits of women in there. Can highly recommend.

But to be honest, this is more my life. My awesome puzzle calendar. One every two days. They are so cute and just perfectly sized to get done in an hour.

George and me spent the morning laying todays together. How the times have changed…

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