The calm before the storm

Went to the movies to see Last Christmas with Katta yesterday. Jesus i cried. Waterworks unstoppable. Blaming the pregnancy. And that im a soft hearted little crab. Loved it though. Plus so much London love in that movie. Dont want to leave now…

Before that i met my old manager. He wanted to discuss some future job opportunites. Its flattering when you are in month 8 to have someone trying to poach you already. It was lovely to see him as well. Im so bad at networking, thats my skill ill work on for next year.

Im so calm at the moment. Not at all like me. Have no energy or time for worrying. I think its lil baby giving me his positive energy. Things are falling into place and mostly i just walk around humming to myself and eating carbs. Why dont we always live like this? I mean, kale and stressing around versus chill out and carbs? Who convinced us to buy into the green fraud?

George is a little bit more stressed about work and life and everything so the focus is on him. Balance. I love when you can help each other and me, baby and Lukas try and surround him with calm love.

Making mini Christmas at work. Its really slowed down now so i come in late and leave early. With only a month to go im giving myself that right.

Katta and me filled with thai and candy. Best way to be. She leaves for good this Saturday. Sadness. But we are hanging out friday and eventually we’ll all be happy in Sweden.

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