All i want for Christmas is you

I wasnt going to do a Christmas post since no one but George is really giving me any gifts this year byt hey, its fun to dream away isnt it.

The one thing is really, really want is for Lukas to not come before NYE but before the 21. Can we do that? I believe in us…


Otherwise i wouldnt say no to this dress. Feels like it can hide a post baby belly very well.


Or these boots… Imagine them and the dress together. I would be the coolest mum about.

Or any of these two dresses from Silkfred. (Yes, im dreaming of dresses but its because my body feels all weird and big at the moment.)

other stories

This blue is a dream isnt it

I also wouldnt say no to any kind of massage, manicure, spa treatment or self love.

Honestly though, its all about the baby at the moment. What we are wishing for from family is baby stuff. Playmat, baby bouncer, travel bed, mobile cot to the bed. Things that will make our life a bit easier but isnt necessary.

Plus the move next year means that any things for the house is a bit silly to wish for.

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