The nightmare before Christmas

Got my first Christmas gift from George yesterday. It was one he booked alreday last year and we’ve both been looking forward to for a whole damn year. We went to see Nightmare before Christmas in concert with original cast singing. As in Danny Elfman among others!!

A completely full wembley arena and it was just as amazing as we hoped. Even if the chairs were killing me there was no way i was leaving. George is building up a seriously strong Christmas game. I waddled around feeling happy and was wearing the most sparkly skirt i could find trailing glitter after me like a fairy.

December being as social as it is i have to plan my time. So im sending George on some things and agreeing to some with the caveat that i might not be able to make it. When about 6 weeks to go the tube is a nightmare not meant to be braved. Ive cancelled work dinner tonight but tomorrow its Kattas last dinner i London dinner and on Saturday brunch with Lollo. Plus im sneaking in a pedicure in my busy schedule…

Our home is just so cozy right now.

I made everyone get in the Christmas spirit at work. Natalia made this Christmas tree with our faces as baubles. Im going to miss these guys.

Light installations all over Wembley. Felt like a kid.

Super, duper mega excited.

For this!

First there was some music and beautiful illustrations.

Then they showed the whole movie while singing along with the songs. We had great seats and im so happy for this lovely, thoughtful and perfect when 8 months preggers christmas gift.

Came home and tried to take a selfie with the belly. Mostly me in a sea of glitter but nothing wrong with that.

All my pictures are so silly but i dont think im made for serene, pretty maternity shots. Maggie asked me if im getting some proffessional done and its just not me. Sorry baby but all you are going to have is pictures of your mum making stupid faces.

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