Hello there

It’s so unbelievably cosy in our house right now. I love it. Start my mornings with smelly candles, tea and puzzles and just enjoy the silence. Since I wake up around 6-7 it’s just me while George and W is sleeping.

Going for a foot massage and pedicure today. Spoiling myself. I also got myself a cute, free necklace via my sweatcoins. Love when it pays to just walk around. A little L on a silver chain. Yes, jumping the gun but no matter what happens I’ll always love my little baby Luke kicking around in there.

Took some selfies yesterday trying to get the belly in.

And the Christmas tree. Two favourite things.

It’s pretty impressive now. And since the fluid in there is at its lowest I can really feel him move around.

Even if I’m tired from lack of sleep and brewing a baby I’m lucky enough to be able to take it pretty easy at this point so can’t say I’m suffering.

Yeah, here we are baby and me. Still going strong at work but taking the occasional day working from home.

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