Making extra money without really doing anything

Its all about the last stretch now. We are doing three birth classes this week and i went to the midwife yesterday. All looks good and the baby is growing healthily and so am i. He has dropped down a bit and is head down so getting ready to come meet us. Ive landed in aiming for natural birth now and that comes with its on set of worries. Trying to focus on being a Viking woman!!

I must admit the last 6 weeks feel a bit daunting. Im tired. And cranky. Mostly because everything is heavy and putting socks on is a chore. But hey, nothing worse than that so shouldnt really complain.

Heh, Georges ‘its only 6 weeks to go’ face. He needs to start working on those nappy skills.

My belly button looks like a little westie. Makes me laugh every time.

Other things to keep my mind off the end bit of this is making money from different reward apps/sites.

Yes, you heard me right. Its like a game to me now. How much can i earn from doing nothing. Loving it. My top tips are below

Quidco – cashback site that gives you cashback on most top brands here in UK. Ive  made around £70 in 2 months just on my standard shopping. Easy peasy. You just go through their site or app before shopping.

Tesco/Nectar – your standard points on shopping. I convert my tesco points to Avios

Avios – I both have the Amex card and convert points from some brands. It gives  money off on BA flights. Last year i would say i saved around £250 in total on flights and car hire

Sweatcoin – this one basically pays you for walking. The more you walk the more points. And then you can buy special offers on the site through these points. I have so far bought a scale, a breacelet for George and a necklace for me all totally free. Its not amazing but if you wait around you can find some cool stuff.

Airtime Rewards – Here you connect your card to the app and when you shop in their connected stores you get cash back. That cashback can be used toward your phone bill. I have around £6 waiting to be converted and taken off my bill.

Jobspotter – This is the newest in my collection. You take pictures of hiring signs around town and if you are the first to spot it you get points that can be converted to Amazon vouchers. Seems to be a bit crowded in London since most of my submissions get rejected after someone has alreday submitted it but my plan is to go big when im out and about with the pram.

So overall my ‘money gaming’ has probably earned me around £400 extra plus some free goodies in a year so far and thats not nothing. Its time consuming so works perfectly when you dont do much else. I get rich on this when the baby comes…

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