Not a baby shower but a ‘soon you can drink GTs again’ party

Seriosuly, i have THE BEST colleagues ever. I love my teams. Thats part of the reson why ive enjoyed my time here so much and no matter how the french can bring me down, the team is always awesome.

And yesterday they were better than ever. We started off with a leaving lunch for Natalia and me. The restaurant gave us Christmas crackers and it was probably the first time the wole CRM team went out together.

Yes, thats a happy ‘lets eat three courses lunch’ face.

The bffs. What is Sita going to do now that Natalia is leaving for real?

And then they surprised me with a ‘soon you can drink GTs again’ party. I mean, i blew the surprise but it still made me all teary eyed. So amazing and just what i dreamed of. No blue baby boy stuff but all glitter and pink and unicorns and alcoholfree GTs. It made me feel very loved and to me truly the best badge to my team as manager that my team wanted to do this for me.

Look at this room of perfection.

God im going to miss these guys.

I just walked around holding my belly being all emotional and didnt even know how to handle it.

Too much emotions!

Unicorn horn because of course…

Totally agree, best fucking day ever!

They even got me a pinata. Too bad i clearly suck at open it. But eventually it rained candy all over the floor.

Alcholfree booze. They sure do know me.

Yes, thats a smile from ear to ear.

And they got me gifts. Coordinated with George. So we got our travel bed, some super cute gruffalo clothes, a sophie giraffe and an activity pillow.

Yes, this baby boy is going to have the best time ever.

Im still a bit shocked and extremely moved. Plus my manager acknowledged to the whole team that after presenting to the board yesterday they were very happy and positive to all the work we’ve done last year and even our CEO said our CRM is in a very good place. So not only do i get to leave filled with love but also on a good proffesional note setting the team up for success.

Our flat is now perfect. Christmas tree and unicorn balloons. Thats what im talking about.

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