Keep counting down

Sorry ive just been ignoring the end of decade wrap up. I have zero energy to find photo and reminisce. One day my friends, one day.

But for now i can barely string sentences together as is. We had our last NTC class yesterday and i feel both less and better prepared. To be honest though, im not too worried. People have done this before 🙂

And im done with being pregnant. His kicks are viscious at the moment. Right up in the ribs and giving me a proper jab. W is even more needy right now and sleep is sausaged between my two hairy heroes.

More than anything im just happy and calm. Tired but content. Like the slower pace of life. A bit boring but thats needed sometimes. And in 3 days they arrive. My family. Then it will be everything but boring. It will be laughter and hugs and fighting for the bathroom and love and all the things i want for Christmas.

6 days until Christmas, 9 more days of working and 34 days until EDD. This is what im talking about.

Got a gift from a vendor. The cutest little box. Took it to have baby stuff in. Wine drinking mice feel perfect for that.

Plus cheese and crackers. My dinner last night. Delicious.

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