Sometimes lifes just shit

Not a good day. Reasons i cant name here but ive slept about 4 hours and im furious. So no, today can go fuck itself. Its our Christmas party and im sad im feeling this way since i really wanted a chance to have a fun night with my colleagues. But hey, life never really pans out the way you want right…

Right now im eating chocolate being angry. Productive and tasty.

Cant wait for big sis. Need her right now. Decided we are going to have a spa morning one of the days with Agnes. Do facials and nails and watch some easy peasy movie. Thats what you can do when its holiday. And i have like 10 different face masks at home.

Got the team xmas gifts from George and me. Mini bottles of napue. Perfect on the day of the Xmas party.

93 books in a year. 2 a week. Sounds about right. Its been a very sofa heavy year.

Anyways, itll get better. I just have to go through today, have a serious think about some things and look at the future with clear eyes. Its not just me any longer, we are creating a family and our baby is the most important thing.

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