Christmas partay!

We had our Christmas party last night. I’m glad to say my team represented and had a big ol’ party. I saw a lot of jägerbombs being bombed. I did my best on the party front but that big belly didn’t make it easy on the sexy dancing.

Fat snake swallowed a puppy again. Favourite preggers look.

Felt kind of cute. Round but cute. The girls at work gave me compliments for my preggers style. It’s me and the kardashians bringing fashion forward.

The tequila fairy made sure everyone got in the right mood.

These guys ❤

Smart looking people at the party… how I’ll miss these guys… best team ever. For real. I doubt I’ll be this passionate about a team again having built it from scratch.

Got home around 11 and was ready to crash into bed. Supposed to be at work right now but exhausted today. I truly have nothing to do though so no harm no foul.

Bring on Christmas holidays!!

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