Stepping into Hogwarts

One more day to go. The house is filled to the brim of family, it smells of (a very dry) Christmas tree and there are candles everywhere.

Yes, it is starting to look a lot like Christmas.

The family came on Saturday and as we say in Sweden ‘finns det hjärterum så finns det stjärterum’. Loving me a full house.

Breakfast is a messy, happy, lovely affair.

I gave the kids their Christmas gift – a day at the Harry Potter studios.

And off we go. We had booked it via a tour so the bus left at 11 and for an hour we tried to both contain excitement and not get too bored. I mean, who wants to be on a bus when you have Harry Potter ahead.

But we made it! All things Harry Potter!

It was amazing sets. This is where they filmed the actual movie so lots of sets still up from filming. And because it’s Christmas it was all decked out in snow.

This crew ❤

We met spiders

And Hagrid

Made sure we caught the Hogwarts express

And drank butter beer of course.

The sets were amazing

And the kids super happy running around in their favourite world.

I mean look at this!

Selfie time with Nisse. They are so big now and I’m happy to be making memories with them when I see them so rarely.

Cakes. Of course.

And after a loooong day it was time to take the bus home where George and Micke met us with bolognese and hugs.

But happiest of us all is W. All the cuddles!!

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