Merry Christmas

Sitting awake again. This time with heart burn. The only thing that helps is sitting up in bed rocking from side to side. Fun times.

It was amazing having the family here over Christmas but I think my body is shutting down a bit after all the excitement. All of a sudden all the preggers symptoms have gone like a 100% times worse. Hip ache, heart burn, back ache plus a sore throat. Good thing it’s all sofa time at the moment.

Here is some gift opening Christmas morning. Idyllic.

I wore my prettiest dress for the day 🙂

Park walkies

Belly, always there

Family selfies

Agnes and me made gingerbreads when we got home.

And then Kalle time. Even in London.

Jean, Natalia and baby Sophie came over and we dug in on the food

Got some seriously epic gifts. This set by sis, a kindle, party lights, robe and echo from George, a photo book from Maggie and a PJ from mum and dad. Spoilt.

These two are simply amazing. So happy they are the ones to be Lukas cousins.

Sophie was a little terror. Perfect for Christmas.

After the gift we had a disco with my new lights.

Teaching the little ones all I know.

What a happy, lovely and amazing Christmas. Very different from my normal swede one but every bit as magical.

From all of my family to yours. Merry Christmas

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