Couch potato

Slow days. I have a cold, I’m very pregnant and the sofa is my best friend #life.

Went to the midwife yesterday. Baby is 4/5 palpated (that means his engaged with head down my pelvis but still has a bit to go before ready). Everything else is looking good. Heartbeat strong, growing on the curve, my blood and urine looks great and no worries whatsoever.

So we wait. Im still hoping for him to be a week early but hey, he comes when he’s ready. It’s only 24 days to go now so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This is my life. Belly out, new PJs from the parents and a little shadow that follows me everywhere.

W feels strongly about protecting me and follows me absolutely everywhere. Poor guy since I go to the bathroom pretty much every other hour at the moment.

But hey, there are perks. Perfect ice cream stand.

Still hard to eat a lot and get a killer heartburn if I eat too much at night so my breakfasts are lush.

13.5kg and counting. But sis told me she gained 30 with eacb kid so hey, this is barely anything. Not sure my back agrees.

Working on it though. Whatevs to staying away from sugar, I’m sure both he and me will survive but I won’t survive without the sweet, sweet sugar.

Happy holidays from us. You’ll find us on the sofa.

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