Bye bye Christmas

23 days to go. Like an advent calendar that gives you shitty sleep and achy joints. It’s a surprise every day.

I’m so ready to become a mum. To hold my little baby. To get to know him and see him grow. Life is just waiting at the moment, not my best quality.

We threw out Christmas yesterday. I was done. Yep, early for me but I feel so ready to for next steps right now.

Made a fairy light fire place instead. Very cute and perfect for the dark days we still have. Especially my early mornings by myself.

I mean, look at this belly. It’s ready. Or at least I am. Maybe not for what I means to actually have one but to start that part of my life.

Done with pregnancy 🙂

Today’s goal is Westfields and some more clearing. Have to do it all in small steps. Bored and tired at the same time is an interesting combo.

But having to walk W every day takes a lot of my energy. G is a trooper helping out of course but my body is definitely reaching the end for those long walks.

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