Must admit I’m struggling with coming up with things to write about. I mean, I do nothing at the moment. Nothing! Today I polished my shoes…that’s desperation.

At least we found people to celebrate NYE with! Another couple from our NCT course in the same situation as us. Bring on board games and alcohol free booze.

I am working as well. Minimum but still. And maybe time for a nap now. #preggerslife

Death stare. The evenings are the worst. I’m so tired and full by then. Just want to go to bed but can’t sleep

Started my baby book Katta gave me. I remember reading the one mum made for me when I was little and loved it so the promise is to fill this in.

Happy end of the decade everyone. It’s had it’s up and downs for me but overall pretty fucking spectacular. I mean, 10 years in London, the love of my life, my little hound and soon our very own baby.

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